Maclan Panel Software and Smart Link App are updated

The Maclan Panel Software (for Windows) and Smart Link App (for Android) are updated for Windows and Android users. The latest Maclan Panel Software is version 10.10.20. The latest Smart Link App is version 20201012. Please ensure to replace your current Maclan Panel Software and update Smart Link App for the best user experience.

Introducing SSI-065 Simple Soldering Iron

The Maclan Racing SSI series soldering iron is one of the best tool investments a racer can make. The iron is light weight, compact, and designed for high heat performance with superb safety features. This soldering iron will operate from 12V to 24V DC power. We recommend using 6S Li-Po battery for the best performance… Read more »

Introducing DRK 160 ESC

The Maclan Racing DRK 160 DRAG RACE ESC is THE all new effort specifically designed for the extremely competitive and popular NO PREP DRAG RACING segment. Based on a super successful ESC platform, we have been working extremely hard to make this one of the best 1/10 footprint ESC’s to handle massive power for NO… Read more »