DRK 2S3P Graphene Extreme Drag Race Battery

All New Drag Race Formula

DRK Graphene Extreme Drag Race 7200 mAh Battery is developed specifically for No Prep Drag Racing with higher grade cells that offer higher power output for less voltage drop. It provides the best voltage retention over the whole race.

P/N: MCL6023


Battery Style: 2S3P Soft Pack
Voltage: HV 7.6V
Capacity @7.6V: 7200 mAh
Watt Hour @7.6V 55Wh
Wires & Connector: 10AWG with authentic XT90 (Black)
Balance Connector: XH
Weight: 305g ±5g
Dimensions: 98x45x37.5mm
Warranty note: All Maclan Racing batteries come with a 90-day warranty, against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. The warranty covers dead cells, or cells with voltage charge errors (voltage off between cells more than .5 of a volt when balanced). The warranty does not cover puffed or swollen battery packs unless a brand new pack is right out of the box.