DRK 160+ TSR Edition Drag Race ESC

Programming Options

There are a few options to program the DRK 160 ESC.

  1. Use a ProLink (with cables included in the ProLink, micro USB + OTG cable)
  2. Use a Windows PC and Maclan Panel Software (with cable included in the ESC)
  3. Use an Android mobile device (5.0 OS or higher) and Maclan Smart Link App (with Type C cable, sold separately)
  4. Use an Apple iPhone with Maclan WiFi module (sold separately) with Maclan Smart Link App

Not sure how to program? You can CLICK HERE for all detailed information.

What is included in the DRK 160+ TSR Edition box?

  • DRK 160+ TSR Edition ESC x1
  • 20cm receiver cable (MCL4243) x1
  • ESC power switch (MCL4242) x1
  • 30×30 HV ESC fan (MCL4246) x1
  • USB data cable (MCL4054) x1
  • Maclan decal x1

If you need to download the user manual, please CLICK HERE.


  1. DRK 160+ TSR Edition ESC preset profiles are based on 20-degree motor can timing. For best results, set motor can timing to 20 degrees or lower. 
  2. When installing your new DRK ESC, please set the radio to factory settings, or use a new, unused model. Using “radio tricks” for throttle manipulation is unnecessary and could cause problems with the ESC, resulting in poor performance, or a damaged ESC. The DRK ESC is designed to replace all other methods of manipulating the throttle.

 Manufacture Disclaimer:

  1. All products, product specifications, and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function, or design.
  2. If the ESC was able to power on, calibrate, and run a motor, it is free of manufacturing defect.
  3. Reverse polarity damage is not a warranty.
  4. Tire burnout is controlled by the racer. It can damage the ESC. It is not a warranty.
  5. Due to the nature of the drag race application, Maclan Racing guarantees free of manufacturing defects. Any damage during a race is not a manufacturing defect. It is not a warranty.