Full aluminum magnetic parts tray

Maclan Racing releases a new addition to the racing accessory line. The all new Magnetic Parts Tray was made by full 6061 aluminum alloy.  With the magnetic base the parts tray is able to keep small metal parts on it securely. The built-in metric and standard measuring scale offers an easy way to measure the length… Read more »

Paul Sinclair Joins Team Maclan

Maclan Racing is proud to announce that Paul Sinclair, President and Chief Engineer of X-Factory has signed to use Maclan Racing electronics and accessories. Paul’s experience will be a great benefit to Team Maclan. He will be using Maclan Racing MRR motor and the coming competition ESC in his X-Factory chassis in the 2016 season and… Read more »

Maclan Full Carbon Fiber Car Stand

Features: 1. 100% carbon fiber structure 2. Ultra high strength 3. Ultra light weight (weights only 1/3 from traditional aluminum car stand) 4. Skid-proof 5. Unique Maclan Racing style   Specifications: MCL4097 – Full Carbon Fiber On Road Car Stand  LxWxH: 100x155x35mm Weight:  63g MCL4098 – Full Carbon Fiber Off Road Car Stand  LxWxH: 105x165x60mm Weight:… Read more »