UNLOCK firmware function for DRK ESC

DRK 160 and DRK 160+ TSR Edition both receive this UNLOCK firmware version 30.16. https://www.maclan-racing.com/software/ 1. It is a FREE update. 2. You must use the latest Maclan Windows Smart Link software to update the UNLOCK firmware.3. The unlock process is irreversible. Once the ESC is unlocked, it will not be able to go back… Read more »

DRK 160/160+ ESC FIRMWARE UPDATE (version 19.06)

This firmware update is for DRK 160 and DRK 160+ TSR Edition ESC. There are a few improvements in this firmware update. Improved algorithm to reduce the chance of motor back EMF damage. Improved efficiency of datalog reading under load. To update your DRK ESC, we strongly recommend using the Windows version Maclan Smart Link…. Read more »