The Maclan Racing DRK 160 DRAG RACE ESC is THE all new effort specifically designed for the extremely competitive and popular NO PREP DRAG RACING segment. Based on a super successful ESC platform, we have been working extremely hard to make this one of the best 1/10 footprint ESC’s to handle massive power for NO PREP DRAG RACING. There are many newly designed features in this ESC.

Proprietary All New 3-Stage Launch Power Control Software

The most exciting part of this DRK 160 ESC is its all new designed 3-Stage Launch Power Control Software. It is operating by a 32-Bit super fast CPU with all new algorithm specifically designed for NO PREP DRAG RACING. The software was inspired by the full scale drag race cars with extremely complicated processing for the smoothest launch traction control, and yet most powerful acceleration. Thanks to the powerful 32-Bit CPU, the ESC is able to remap throttle curve in 3 stages precisely. All you need to do for the win is to focus on the starting signal for the full throttle launch.

Improved Hi-Res Data logging

The DRK 160 software also improves the data logging to 10 Hz refresh rate. That will provide a data entry every 0.1 second. It becomes another key for winning your NO PREP DRAG RACE.

X6 Super Capacitor Pack 

The DRK 160 is designed to have a new X6 Super Capacitor Pack with larger gauge wires. This upgrade provides the most protection to the ESC and voltage retention in harsh passes.