Introducing SSI-065 Simple Soldering Iron

The Maclan Racing SSI series soldering iron is one of the best tool investments a racer can make. The iron is light weight, compact, and designed for high heat performance with superb safety features. This soldering iron will operate from 12V to 24V DC power. We recommend using 6S Li-Po battery for the best performance… Read more »

Maclan Flame Resistant Li-Po Charging Bag

– P/N: MCL6005. – Dimension 185x75x60mm. – Fits two 2S or 3S, or one 4S Li-Po. – Made by ultra strong glass fiber material. – Li Po charging bags were required by most tracks for charging safety. – Available at

13AWG Silicone Wires

13awg flex silicone wires come with red and black options. It is 3 feet for each package. MCL4100 13AWG Black Flex Silicone Wire (3′) MCL4101 13AWG Red Flex Silicone Wire (3′) Retail MAP: $3.99