MMax ESC Data Logging 101

The data logging function of a Maclan MMAX ESC is only available on the current 3.0 software platform. MMAX Pro (firmware version A3.0 or later) MMAX Pico (firmware version B3.1 or later) To update, click here to download the latest Maclan Panel Software. There are three ways to view the data logged within a Maclan… Read more »

Maclan Graphene Li-HV Battery Adds 4800mAh Shorty Option

Maclan Racing adds a new shorty option, 4800mAh (MCL6006) to complete the off road racing battery product line. The 4800mAh (MCL6006) offers lighter weight (15g) than the 6000mAh (MCL6002) shorty pack for racers who have run time and weight balanced concerns. It is also based on the latest 2018 chemistry formula for the optimized performance/weight… Read more »

Maclan Graphene Li-HV Battery Packs Are ROAR Approved

Maclan Graphene Li-HV packs are now ROAR approved. MCL6001  HV LCG Shorty 2S Pack 3600mAh MCL6002 HV Shorty 2S Pack 6000mAh MCL6003 HV LCG Stick 2S Pack 6400mAh MCL6004 HV Stick 2S Pack 8500mAh