MMax ESCs Version 3.0 Firmware Platform Release

Maclan Racing is excited to release its highly anticipated new 3.0 firmware platform for the popular MMax Pro and MMax Pico ESC’s. The new software platform consists of all new Maclan Panel Software (version 0412.18), MMax Pro ESC firmware (version A3.0), MMax Pico ESC firmware (version B3.1), ProLink firmware (version V1.9), and SmartLink for Android device… Read more »

MMax ESC Data Logging 101

The data logging function of a Maclan MMAX ESC is only available on the current 3.0 software platform. MMAX Pro (firmware version A3.0 or later) MMAX Pico (firmware version B3.1 or later) To update, click here to download the latest Maclan Panel Software. There are three ways to view the data logged within a Maclan… Read more »

How to update ProLink

This Tech Note shows how to update the ProLink to the most up to date firmware. To update your ProLink, please visit     and download Maclan Panel PC Software. Connect ProLink USB to PC USB, select ProLink Update, click OK on ProLink. Open Maclan Panel Software. If your cable was good and ProLink selects right… Read more »