2018 Team Maclan Opens For Applications

For 2018, Maclan Racing is looking for drivers to be ambassadors of our high performance product line. Let us help your racing program. We are looking for fast drivers, we who demand high performance, want that advantage on track and are willing to show everyone. This driver is not only fast, but willing to work… Read more »

Julian Wong (USA) Joins Maclan Factory Team

Maclan Racing is proud to announce that the US on-road front runner, Julian Wong, has joined the factory team for the 2017 season. Julian has been testing MMax Pro ESC and MRR4.5 motor for quite some time. With the signing of this contract, you will see Julian racing at the 2017 Reedy Race and other… Read more »

Kev Lee (UK) Joins Maclan Factory Team

Multi BRCA National winner and European A finalist Kev Lee joins Maclan Racing to head up the UK Team. With 25 years race experience, and a regular national top 10 finisher, Kev is a valuable asset to the team. In 2017 he will be representing Maclan at the Mid West Regionals, Nationals, and the European… Read more »