Maclan Racing is proud to introduce the MRR 1/10 sensored competition motor. Designed to push the limits of performance for spec and modified class racing at every level. On-road or off-road, club racing or National events – MRR motor’s innovative de-sign and construction will deliver the RPM and power racer’s want.
Pure copper wire, balanced sintered rotor, adjustable timing, lightweight vented CNC machined can and precision ball bearings might sound like the others, but the MRR is its own innovative beast. The spec MRR motor is designed to the maximum tolerance of the rules. The short stack design will produce a lower resistance allowing the highest performance possible. Track testing has shown superior speed against the competition in both on- and off-road conditions. Every MRR is designed to give racers maximum performance at a great value.
Already winning and showing its speed at major events around the country, the Maclan Racing MRR has already shown the speed and performance needed to help racers everywhere.

MRR series will be available in early March. For more details, click here.

MRR17.5 02