Maclan Racing is proud to announce the new coming MR4 series motors. The MR4 was specifically design for 4WD SCT racing.  It will come with 2 KV options for different track conditions. After extensive testing we found that engineering a custom stator for each KV option delivered a much higher performance value.

The 3500KV was designed for smaller indoor tracks that has more technical turns and excels when you need that quick burst of power. The high torque design of 3500KV MR4 will provide the power to clear all types of jumps without hesitation.

The 4150KV was designed for all around conditions. The higher KV and specially designed stator, provides super smooth throttle feel and super-fast top speeds. The 4150KV is ultra-efficient and outperforms its competitors in all aspects.

Check product page for more detailed info.