Officially launched in August, 2015, Maclan Racing is a highly skilled group of people looking to bring quality innovative products to the RC industry. With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry. We at Maclan strive to bring innovation, quality, and the highest level of support. Support that starts before you even buy the product, with information and product knowledge. We provide ongoing support when the product is purchased, with high quality presentation of materials and performance of the product. Continuing with superior technical support and customer service for the life of the product.

The Maclan Racing Team has won multiple ROAR National Championships in both on road and off road competitions. We have won events across the United States and around the world including top finishes at IFMAR World Championship events.

Maclan Racing does not copy other company’s products. Maclan Racing is looking to innovate and come up with ideas and products outside the standards used by others. Innovations with a goal of high quality and performance, with superior support and service. All Maclan Racing products are tested, distributed and serviced through our office in Redmond Washington (USA). Stay tuned, we will announce a very exciting product map of Maclan Racing very soon.