Taking place in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Motorama is a great winter indoor race (including both a 1/10th track as well as a full size 1/8 track). Thank you to all of the racers who stopped by to say hello, as well as all of our great customers who ran this weekend! We look forward to seeing you all at the next race and next year for this one!
Maclan would take a win, podiums, and make many A main appearances.

2WD MOD BUGGY:5th: Jon Noon
2WD STOCK BUGGY:3rd: Ian Maize 4th: Billy Vacek 5th: Jon Noon
4WD STOCK BUGGY:4th: Ian Maize 7th: Stuart Lewis 10th: Billy Vacek
STOCK 2WD SCT:1st: Stuart Lewis (TQ)
2WD MOD STADIUM:2nd: Billy Vacek 3rd: Jon Noon