Maclan Racing announces the all-new MR8.2 1/8 brushless series of motors.  The MR8.2’s new design is set to deliver the most sophisticated raw power with incredible smoothness for your 1/8 application.

MR8.2’s combination of 12 slot stator with strong staggered 4 pole, 8 magnet rotor is designed to be smooth, and powerful while increasing durability.  An all new error free sensor unit design, with separate sensor magnet will minimize the signal noise the often can damage esc’s. Also new for Maclan Racing is a specially designed 2100kv Truggy Motor.

MR8.2 Error Free Sensor Unit webMR8.2 Rotor web

Look for new MR8.2 series of motors in 1500kv, 1950kv, 2150kv Buggy styles and 2100kv Truggy style to be available in hobby shops near you mid-August. For more information, CLICK HERE.

MR8.2 2150KV web