MRR Team Edition V2 Aluminum Screw Kit

7075 CNC Aluminum 3g lighter than original steel screws Produce more RPM and consume less current MAP $9.99 MRR Team Edition V2 with original steel screws   MRR Team Edition V2 with Aluminum Screw Kit

All New MRR Team Edition V2

We are proud to introduce the MRR Team Edition V2 competition motor. This ALL NEW MRR Team Edition V2 motor was based on the latest stock racing rule. It has all new design stator, sensor unit, motor case, and realigned rotor and sensor position for the maximum performance for stock motors. Engineered & Developed right here in… Read more »

MRR Team Edition 25.5T

The latest addition of MRR Team Edition is the 25.5T option. It is based on ROAR’s latest rule to get the IR down to the lowest edge. With the custom made copper wires and 100% hand built in production. The MRR 25.5T Team Edition sets the new bar on the scale spec race. There are… Read more »