Maclan Flame Resistant Li-Po Charging Bag

– P/N: MCL6005. – Dimension 185x75x60mm. – Fits two 2S or 3S, or one 4S Li-Po. – Made by ultra strong glass fiber material. – Li Po charging bags were required by most tracks for charging safety. – Available at

Maclan Race Formula Graphene Battery Packs

We are proud to announce the all new Race Formula Graphene Battery Packs. The Maclan Racing Race Formula Graphene battery is the latest 2018 chemistry that provides lower weight with better discharge curves. The new Graphene 120C LiPo batteries are the one in the evolution of LiPo battery technology. It offers lower operating temperatures, lower… Read more »

MRR Team Edition V2 Aluminum Screw Kit

7075 CNC Aluminum 3g lighter than original steel screws Produce more RPM and consume less current MAP $9.99 MRR Team Edition V2 with original steel screws   MRR Team Edition V2 with Aluminum Screw Kit