Maclan Racing

Product Software DownLoad

Name Version Updated Date Remarks Download
Maclan PC Software Wireless Patch 1130.20 17/02/2021 It is a mandatory update for all Maclan ESCs that were manufactured prior December 31st, 2020. After using this update software, the ESC will be compatible with Maclan Wireless Link module for Android and iOS apps. To up date, please:

1. Download the file
2. Power on ESC with battery
3. Connect the ESC to your PC, run the software, follow the onscreen instructions

Tech Note:
This Maclan Panel Software covers all firmware versions.

Release Note:
2/3/2021 DRK 160 version D12.01
1. Bug fixed for reverse power in blinky mode.
2. New TSR 3.5 and TSR 4.5 profiles.

2/17/2021 DRK 160 version D15.01
1. New 5-stage launch control
2. New 5-stage launch control profiles
3. Improved setup resolution (0.1 sec to 0.05 sec)
4. Updated slew rate display
5. Improved stability

Having problems download the file? Try these OPTION 2 or OPTION 3 links on alternative servers.