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MRR Series 1/10th Scale Competition Motor

The concept of Maclan Racing MRR Series motor is to design a top performance motor in competition level with supreme quality standard. The goal is to build a 1/10 motor to suit the requirements of professional drivers and weekend club racers alike. It was designed to perform and compete out of box.

The MRR modified class motors (3.5T to 9.5T) were developed with our factory drivers. We focus on the delivery of all controllable power to the wheels with maximized efficiency for high speed modified class applications.

The MRR 13.5, 17.5, and 21.5 are designed for the most competitive applications in the RC car racing. With the latest hall sensor technology and highest grade copper wires, we make no compromise in the stock racing. The completely rebuildable MRR series will also allow you to rebuild the motor in just few minutes to always remain the competitiveness on the top.

The MRR 25.5 meets the latest ROAR Rules for this specific class. Gone are the days of struggling with low end power. We’ve given the 25.5 class raw power that hasn’t been seen before. Faster, stronger and highest precision quality make this motor a must have.

  • The latest hall sensor technology that precisely deliver all the RPM and torque to you.
  • Short stator design for the lowest internal resistance and maximum performance (13.5/17.5/21.5)
  • Highest grade copper wires provide maximum conductivity with no compromise.
  • Heavy duty concave shape soldering tabs minimize the resistance and easy soldering work.
  • CNC 6061 T6 full aluminum case with maximum venting design for optimized durability and airflow cooling
  • Rebuild-able structure allows easy maintenance.
  • ROAR approved.


Detail Specifications Download

Item Value
Modified Class: 3.5/4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5/7.0/7.5/8.5/9.5
Spec Class: 10.5/13.5/17.5/21.5/25.5
Case Length: 2.08in/53mm
Case Diameter: 1.42in/36mm
Shaft Extension: 0.552in/14mm
Shaft Size: 3.17mm
Weight: 6oz/170g ±2g
Poles: 2 Poles
Max Voltage: 2S Li-Po (All Turns)
3S Li-Po (10.5T ~25.5T)
Short Stack Design: 13.5T/17.5T/21.5T
Modified Class Default Rotor:
MCL4077 12.5mm Torque Modified Rotor
(12.50x5.00x24.20mm w/ red color ring)
Stock Class Default Rotors:
MCL4075 12.5mm Torque Spec Rotor
(12.50x7.25x24.20mm w/ red color ring)
25.5T Default Rotor MCL4116 MRR 12.30mm 25.5T Spec Rotor
(12.30x7.25x25.00mm w/ red color ring)

Optional & Spare Parts & Combo List

Part Name Part Number
MRR 12.30mm 25.5T Spec Rotor (Factory Default) MCL4116
MRR 12.50mm RPM Spec Rotor
(12.50x7.25x24.20mm w/ blue color ring)
MRR 12.50mm Torque Spec Rotor (Factory Default)
(12.50x7.25x24.20mm w/ red color ring)
MRR 12.50mm Ultra High Torque Spec Rotor
(12.50x7.25x24.20mm w/ black color ring)
MRR 12.50mm Torque Modified Rotor (Factory Default)
(12.50x5.00x24.20mm w/ red color ring)
MRR 12.50mm Ultra High Torque Modified Rotor
(12.50x5.00x24.20mm w/ black color ring)
MRR 13.00mm MAX Torque Modified Rotor
(13.00x5.00x24.20mm w/ black color ring)
MRR Sensored Unit with Bearing MCL4069
MRR Aluminum End Cap with Screws x2 MCL4070
MRR Motor Front Can with Bearing Installed MCL4071
MRR Motor Bearings x2 MCL4074
MRR Motor Screws x3 (long) MCL4072
MRR Motor Isolation Pad MCL4073
MRR 3.5 Stator MCL4055
MRR 4.5T Stator MCL4056
MRR 5.5T Stator MCL4058
MRR 6.5T Stator MCL4060
MRR 7.5T Stator MCL4061
MRR 8.5T Stator MCL4062
MRR 9.5T Stator MCL4063
MRR 10.5T Stator MCL4064
MRR 13.5T Stator MCL4065
MRR 17.5T Stator MCL4066
MRR 21.5T Stator MCL4067
MRR 25.5T Stator MCL4068
High Precision 0.02" Motor Spacers MCL4095
High Precision 0.012" Motor Spacers MCL4096
Combo Name P/N
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 4.5T Combo MCL3013
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 5.0T Combo MCL3019
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 5.5T Combo MCL3014
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 6.0T Combo MCL3020
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 6.5T Combo MCL3015
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 7.0T Combo MCL3021
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 7.5T Combo MCL3016
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 8.5T Combo MCL3017
MMax Pro ESC + MRR 9.5T Combo MCL3018
MMax PRO ESC + MRR 10.5T Combo MCL3005
MMax PRO ESC + MRR 13.5T Combo MCL3006
MMax PRO ESC + MRR 17.5T Combo MCL3007
MMax PRO ESC + MRR 21.5T Combo MCL3008
MMax PRO ESC + MRR 25.5T Combo MCL3009