Diamondback MX Combo

The Diamondback ESC + MX motor = The most powerful system in it’s class.

If you are looking for the best cost to performance ratio brushless system, this Diamondback combo is the ticket. The waterproof Diamondback 80 ESC can power your speed crawlers, 2WD buggy and SC over water and trails with peace of mind. The Diamondback 120 is more than capable to power the heavy 4WD SC and monster trucks over the mud without breaking your wallet.

The Diamondback ESC supports up to 3S Li-Po for speed demanding drivers. Simply pick the 3S specification MX motors for the maximum speed out of the Diamondback system.

The completely rebuild-able Diamondback MX motors allow you to easily extend the value of your investment in the hobby. You can ensure that the performance of the Diamondback MX motors will always stay on top by easily and quickly changing with spare parts.


**3S operation requires proper gear setup to avoid permanent damage to the power system and chassis drive train.

***Although Diamondback ESC is waterproof, it is not designed and not intended for operation while submerged in water. Please make sure to always clean the ESC properly and dry the unit after using under wet and dirty conditions.


Diamondback MX Combo


Combo Options and Spare Parts

Combo Name P/N
Diamondback 80A with MX540 4000KV combo MCL3001
Diamondback 80A with MX540 5000KV combo MCL3002
Diamondback 120A with MX550 3500KV combo MCL3003
Diamondback 120A with MX550 4200KV combo MCL3004
Part Name P/N
MX540 4000KV Rebuild Stator with Motor Can MCL4014
MX540 5000KV Rebuild Stator with Motor Can MCL4003
MX540/550 Motor Bearings MCL4006
MX540 Motor Rotor MCL4007
MX540/550 Motor Front Cap with Screws MCL4004
MX540/550 Motor Rear Cap with Screws MCL4005
MX550 3500KV Rebuild Stator with Motor Can MCL4008
MX550 4200KV Rebuild Stator with Motor Can MCL4009
MX550 3500KV Motor Rotor MCL4011
MX550 4200KV Motor Rotor MCL4012
Maclan Diamondback Colling Fan (6V) MCL4010
ProLink programming card MCL4001
Diamondback Programming Cable Female to Female 20 cm MCL4013
MX540/550 Motor Front Cap with Screws with Bearing Pre-installed MCL4043
MX540/550 Motor Rear Cap with Screws with Bearing Pre-installed MCL4044
Maclan Racing Decal MCL4038
Maclan T-Style ultra plug (3 Female + 3 Male) MCL4048
Maclan XT60 connectors (3 Female + 3 Male) MCL4045