The SmartLink app was designed for Android mobile devices with OS version 5.0 or higher. It utilizes the mobile devices touch screen to perform some good functions.

  • Profile change/ save
  • ESC programming
  • Data logging display (coming in next update)
  • Online ESC firmware update
SmartLink 01SmartLink 03SmartLink 04

The on board USB port allows the ESC to connect to the mobile device directly without a bridging device.  The SmartLink app could be found on Google Play. Use your Android mobile device and search Maclan SmartLink.

SmartLink Instructions

  1. Make sure your MMax ESC has the latest firmware update.
  2. Download and install Maclan SmartLink from Google Play on your Android mobile device.
  3. Remove the dust cover from the ESC USB port. Power on ESC.

4. Connect ESC to the Android mobile device with OTG USB and micro USB cable.


5. Follow the on screen instructions, and enjoy your races!!

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