MRR Team Edition 1/10th Scale Competition Motor

Over-the-edge performance for stock racing!!

If you are looking for that over-the-edge performance in stock racing, the MRR Team Edition is the ticket for you. Based on the ultra-fast and successful MRR platform, the Team Edition brings the MRR to the next level.
The MRR Team Edition utilizes premium Japanese made steel stator material for its short stack style stators. The custom-made copper wire has a higher temperature threshold along with the maximum diameter allowed by ROAR regulations.
The Team Edition has a solid core technology package that results in an average 4% lower internal resistance than the standard MRR series motors.

Super-fast hall sensors

The all-new hall sensors also play an important role in the MRR Team Edition motors. These sensors are more accurate and have a much higher speed polling rate than the current competition. This will provide a quicker throttle response with higher top speeds for serious competitive stock racing.

A pure masterpiece

The MRR Team Edition is built on extreme high quality standard and tight tolerances to give it ultimate performance over the competition. It is a masterpiece created from hard work and dedication by Team Maclan.

The 25.5T variant

The latest addition of MRR Team Edition is the 25.5T option. It is based on ROAR’s latest rule to get the IR down to the lowest edge. With the custom made copper wires and 100% hand built in production. The MRR 25.5T Team Edition sets the new bar on the scale spec race. There are also 25.5T specific optional rotors available.

  • MCL4159 MRR 12.30mm 25.5T RPM rotor (Blue)
  • MCL4160 MRR 12.30mm 25.5T Ultra High Torque rotor (Black)

MRR Team Edition Features

  • Engineered & Developed right here in the U.S.A.
  • 100% Hand Built
  • Premium Stator Material (Made in Japan)
  • Fastest and Most Accurate Hall Sensors on the market
  • Average 4% Lower IR than our Standard MRR Series
  • Lower Temperature, More Power & Speed Guaranteed
  • ROAR Approved

MRR Team Edition Competition Motor


Item Value
Available Turns: 13.5/17.5/21.5/25.5
Short Stack: Yes
Case Length: 2.08in/53mm
Case Diameter: 1.42in/36mm
Shaft Extension: 0.552in/14mm
Shaft Size: 3.17mm
Weight: 6.1oz/173g ±2g
Poles: 2 Poles
Default 13.5/17.5/21.5 Rotor: MCL4075 12.5mm Torque Spec Rotor (12.50x7.25x24.20mm w/ red color ring)
Default 25.5 Rotor: MCL4116 MRR 12.30mm 25.5T Spec Rotor
Optional 25.5 Rotors: MCL4159 MRR 12.30mm 25.5T RPM rotor (Blue)
MCL4160 MRR 12.30mm 25.5T Ultra High Torque rotor (Black)
ROAR Approved: Yes
Factory Limited Warranty: 120 days after the date of purchase