Maclan Racing is excited to release its highly anticipated new 3.0 firmware platform for the popular MMax Pro and MMax Pico ESC’s. The new software platform consists of all new Maclan Panel Software (version 0412.18), MMax Pro ESC firmware (version A3.0), MMax Pico ESC firmware (version B3.1), ProLink firmware (version V1.9), and SmartLink for Android device app. The ESC and ProLink can be easily updated by the latest Maclan Panel Software. The SmartLink app will also be able to update your ESC’s and can be downloaded via Google Play.

The All-New MMax 3.0 firmware platform in both MMax Pro and MMax Pico has some updates from the previous version.

  • Data Logging enabled.
  • SmartSense Mode enables you to run sensorless.
  • New TSS (Throttle Softening System) feature in RACE OPEN MODE (modified racing) that provides smoother and more predictable bottom end power for more consistent lap times. (MMax Pro only)
  • Redesigned boost and turbo algorithms for 13.5 boost TC and all mod racing. (MMax Pro only)
  • Overall performance and stability improvements.
  • Bugs fixes.

The ProLink programming card will also need an update to its firmware in order to support Data Logging display and the new features.

The SmartLink Android app is also ready for the new 3.0 firmware platform for displaying advanced data logging on your Android devices. Search Maclan SmartLink on Google Play for the latest update. (To be released on 4/19/2018)

Both MMax ESC and ProLink firmware can be easily updated with the latest Maclan Panel Software. Click here to download, or check out the Maclan Racing YouTube channel for a video demonstrating the update process. Click here.