Over the last week or so we have noticed a problem with the DRK’s from the production runs P2129 and P2130. After investigating this fully, we have found some anomalies occurring with one of the boards inside the ESC. This problem doesn’t seem to affect all DRK’s from these production runs, but we would encourage all of you to return them to us free of charge so we can rectify the problem entirely. Our objective is to provide a product that is free from any type of issue and we feel this one needs to be corrected. You can identify the production run of your DRK by reading the number printed on the base.

We can only offer this service free of charge until Oct 31st, 2021 due to the obligation we have with our factory, so please contact us at your earliest convenience to make arrangements to have this taken care of. An ESC returned after Oct 31st, 2021 would be treated as a normal RMA and we would not be able to provide the service free of charge.

Please visit the below link, fill out the application form, and follow the instructions to arrange the service.

CLICK HERE to fill out the recall service application form.

Recall updates (9/14/2021)

For those 2129/2130 DRK ESCs that received this recall service, we would like to thank everyone’s patience to work with us. We would like to provide more information.

1. All reworked DRK ESCs have a brand new control board installed. All units were carefully checked, tested, and recorded with a video.

2. This recall service has nothing to do with any MOSFET or capacitor module blow-up. The recall issue was control board related, which will never lead to a MOSFET and capacitor failure. 

3. If you own any unit that’s been performed the recall service and have a MOSFET or capacitor blow up, it does not relate to the recall service, it is a regular RMA. Please visit the below link, follow the instruction to file an RMA to send your DRK back to us for the regular RMA service.