We are super excited to release this DRK 160 Version D15.01 firmware in collaboration with Tim Smith. This is what Tim had to say after so much hard work into this firmware:

“The release of this software update to the DRK speed control is just the first step. Think of this as establishing the foundation of which we will begin building something truly remarkable in the RC world. As many of you know a tremendous amount of testing and work has gone into this release but this is just the beginning. Maclan is dedicated to the RC drag racing community and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part.”

To update DRK 160 ESC, please use Maclan Panel Software in Windows 10.

This new version of D15.01 firmware for DRK 160 has some important updates:

Release Note:

1. New 5-stage launch control
2. New 5-stage launch control profiles
3. Improved setup resolution (0.1 sec to 0.05 sec) 
4. Updated slew rate display 
5. Improved stability  

Important Setup Note:

  1. The firmware was designed to run motors with 20 degrees of motor timing.
  2. ESC must re-calibrate with the radio after updating firmware.
  3. This firmware only supports DRK 160 ESC.